Feel fabulous from head to toe!

Nail Salon Services

Our nail salon offers a complete range of nail beautification options for your pleasure. We specialize in pampering your hands and feet:

• Manicure: Treat your hands to a warm liquid wax that will soften your skin and sooth aches and pains. Afterwards, our technician will soak your hands, shape your nails, and trim your cuticles. Your hands will get massaged with rich emollients. Then, you can choose a nail treatment with polish or gel. For natural nails, we offer silk wraps and protein polishes to fortify and strengthen your nails.

• Artificial nail treatment: We stay on top of current beauty trends and offer the latest in artificial nails. Whether you prefer acrylic, gel or fiberglass, your nails will be a work of art. You may choose from traditional to glamour length and everything in between. We also specialize in artificial nail maintenance.

• Pedicure: You spend a lot of time on your feet, and deserve the luxury of a pedicure and foot massage. Let our trained technicians pamper your feet in a warm herbal bath of sea salts at one of our four pedicure stations. Your toe nails will be shaped and your cuticles trimmed. Just imagine how good it will feel to have your feet and toes rubbed with rich lotion. We can also use equipment to gently sand away irritating calluses and corns. Finally, you can choose a glossy polish or gel to make your toenails sparkle.

• Facial Waxing: Are you tired of dealing with unwanted facial hair? Our licensed estheticians will use a gentle, hypoallergenic wax to safely wax them away for weeks. Say goodbye to unsightly hairs under the nose, on the chin, and anywhere else on your face. Your complexion will have a sunny glow that will make you feel young and refreshed.

We take special group appointments for weddings, showers and parties. Our staff would love to treat you, your friends and family to a fun day of pampering. Ask us about our special combination packages! When you are a client at P&P Nail Salon in Missoula, MT, you are treated like royalty.